About Us
  • About Us:

- Organization Name: Simply Pure Baseball
- Team Names: SPB Tigers, SPB Giants
- Established: 2014
- Organization Status: 501c Non-Profit
- Headquarters: Irvine, CA
- Regional Office: Milbrae, CA

  • Mission:

Simply Pure Baseball's mission is:

- To provide a positive learning environment to aspiring young athletes, that promotes a Simply Pure attitude on and off the field;
- To teach proper baseball fundamentals and advanced skill sets;
- To develop higher level baseball IQ and better understanding of in-game strategies; and
- To train and enable players to exceed beyond the status quo.

To wit, SPB provides a comprehensive approach to better baseball that will guide our players to achieve success at all levels:
High School, College, Professional.

SPB GIANTS - Elite Tournament Team

SPB Giants is our elite High School Baseball Program for 16U and 18U players that seek to supplement their training and playing time outside of their high school baseball team. Among these players, an elite group of players are selected to represent the organization in regional and national tournaments, sponsored by Simply Pure USA. Each player that is selected, has an opportunity to show case his talent among a team of other elite players throughout California to compete for the most prestigious title tournaments in the country.

SPB TIGERS - Travel Club Team

SPB Tigers club teams throughout California are geared towards younger athletes, ages 14 and under, that aspire to play high school baseball and beyond. This program is for players of all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Players that are evaluated and ready for competitive baseball, will have the opportunity to play in travel league games and local/regional tournaments.

Norcal Tigers

Norcal Tigers club teams are an extension of Simply Pure Baseball, also known as “The Northern Chapter!” In parallel with our Southern California program, Norcal Tigers has become one of the leading teams in the Bay Area.

SPB Player Development Academy

Unparalleled by no other travel clubs, SPB provides additional training programs through our Player Development Academy at our advanced training facility. SPB Club House is located in Irvine, CA. The facility is equipped with two hitting lanes (machine pitch and/or coach pitch), 5 hitting stations, pitching mound for bull pen exercises and complete weight room with cardio conditioning cycles and devices. This player development academy provides a full spectrum of training activities to further develop defense (infield/outfield/catcher), pitching, hitting, strength and cardio conditioning. There is also a conference room for classes in baseball IQ and in-game strategy education. (Programs include: After-School Club, Private Lessons and Training, Baseball Education Classes, Strength/Cardio Class)

Training Center

- Batting Practice (Machine/Coach pitch)
- Defensive Drills
- Pitching/Bullpen
- Strength & Cardio Conditioning
- Baseball IQ & Sportsmanship Development
- Lane Rental, Private lessons also available

Facility Rental

- 2 Hitting Lanes
- 4 Swing Aways
- Weight Room for Strength & Cardio Training
- 4 Screens & pitching Machine with Baseballs Available
- Portable Pitching mound available

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